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January & February Full Moons

I haven’t had to put two full moons together, as in not enough time to get to January’s, but I haven’t had to go back and basically start over with nipping ALL the trails in mid December before either.  It was a beautiful, heavy snowfall in December that weighed the branches of “everything” down and blocked trails, driveways and mushing anywhere.   Luckily handler Alyssa had arrived and she, David and I have spent almost 100 hours re-clearing the trails.  And also anyone we could get to help us: many thanks to Nils, Michele, Julie, Craig, Anna for your help too.  We worked on it again today and we are almost done.  While working on trails is a very enjoyable way to spend time, rewarding being outdoors in the quiet, seeing bobcat tracks, hearing the pileated woodpecker….  we didn’t have that kind of extra time.   The trails are looking good though, over fifty inches of snow and David has been grooming them regularly.


The huskies are great.  Val is happily moved into the cabin as resident elder and is spry enough to get up on the couch.  She has been joined by Oh-too on the cold nights, by Lydia when she had a retrobulbar  abscess (and has recovered nicely), by Libby when Craig came to visit and it was quite cold out and by the pups: now ten month olds Amaroq, Mooz and Tulugak often when they get loose time and can come in and say hi.  Mushing has been going great and some of the two year olds have started to run in lead.  Nikolai and Willow are really doing well at it.  It is probably Libby and Kapu’s last season or running; they are turning thirteen next month but they are still running and pulling well and loving it.


DJ is here from NY and is helping with the SES high schoolers Circumpolar Studies before we go to Iditarod Start and Restart next week.  We have a group of six  that will be helping with the P (as in urine) team taking samples from racing huskies again.  We are also excited to be staying at Martin Buser’s B & B too.  And we are thankful for handler Alyssa who will be staying at Wintermoon to take care of all our huskies.  She has also posted some wonderful compilations of life here in the Northwoods, especially of the dogs and an ermine.


We have had some wonderful groups here this winter: from people who have never even seen dogsledding to our appreciated ten to twenty year returnees,  from California, Colorado, Washington DC and state, Florida and North Carolina.  It was quite fun to have the 2011 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail Martha Dobson join us for some mushing and many Iditarod stories.  We hope to see her in Anchorage too.  Many thanks to Anita, Lynne, Chris, DJ,


We have had a special wildlife visitor this winter.  Several weeks ago we were sitting at lunch and about fifty feet out the dining room window was a bobcat.  It has been here many times since from being under the bird feeders at five a.m. to by the dog meat at night to crossing the driveway during the day.  The boreal chickadee is back and loving the dog chicken.  Not so many deer or wolves though.


Just got the news that former handler Kate, now Olson, had a baby girl today.  A full moon baby girl!  Both mom and daughter are doing great.  Former handler Rose got a puppy Addi.  Lauren just got back from doing J term in Ireland.


There are openings at the cooperative Makela and Peltos cabins if anyone is interested.  Great quiet and serenity in the Northwoods.  Please contact me for info.


I plan to have a booth at the Midwest Mountaineering Spring Outdoor Expo in April.  Come on down and see us!   And think about kayaking with Summersun this summer,  peace on the water.  The dates are on the website.


We are also doing a Yoga weekend with Laura Haack the first weekend in June.  She has gotten rave reviews for the two we have done already.  Info on the web site too.





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