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March ’16 snowy & sunny spring

in this el Nino year, we certainly had  warmer weather and a little less snowfall, about 67″ inches to date, normal is 74 but enough to take us nicely through our dogsledding trip season, ending March 25.  And here it is March 26th and it is snowing lightly.  We have had some very sunny days too and it has dropped the snow level considerably.  But ! we are still sledding on the trails, the Raventrail and a new and improved Inuit.  We had to build an upland spur on the east side of the Inuit to avoid going down by the creek where there was some open water and it was impassible.   We like this new little section a lot, David, Alyssa and I built it this week and it will also serve us well in the summer as a walking trail for dogs.  We are hoping to be able to mush for a bit longer and the huskies are in such great shape.


In looking over the husky roster, I have a number that are older but still pulling, albeit a little slower, that I would like to find “pet” homes for.  I think they would really love being more the center of attention and at this point could either still run/skijor…  or be retired.

Fran, 2003, daughter of Michael, granddaughter of Ida (Susan Butcher dog) is very sweet, smaller, quiet, has been a leader

Lydia,  2004, from Rita & Bill Wehseler’s Stoney Creek Kennel in Schroeder – Rita is a Beargrease musher.  She is very

sweet and still really likes to go and can lead

Emma T, 2006,  from Claire Seekins and Chris Johnson Wolfmoon Kennel, we call her the jumping bean, still has lots of

playful energy

Sulu & Vahti, 2006,  brothers, originally from Two Harbors Wallin’s Kennel, Beargrease mushers.  These strong boys can

lead and run together.

Newton, 2013,  a beautiful blue eyed boy from a Lance Mackey bloodline

All of these could go together and be a very nice little team for several years or can be taken individually.   Let me know if you have any questions or would like to come up and see them.


The schedule is on for summer Kayaking Weekends and will include a mother/daughter weekend July 15-17 also.  We are so fortunate to have many quiet, pristine inland lakes and creeks to learn the basics of paddling.  If you have a group of 6-8 I will also offer a discount.  I am also thinking about an advanced beginner kayaking with a day paddling on Lake Superior and if you are interested, please let me know and we can look at dates.  I am also thinking about kayaking up by Ely and Sigurd Olson’s Listening Point and let me know if there is interest.


We will be hosting a Women’s Yoga Weekend June 3-5 and there is more info on the web site page.  The yoga instructor is Laura Haack and she will have 4 sessions during the weekend, primarily held at Petrell Hall.   There will also be time for hiking and relaxing and an herbal session by Pam Thompson.  This has been really well received the 2 other times we have offered it and fun to have had here in the quiet of the Northwoods.   I am the cook so the great food you are used to.


There has been interest expressed in a beginning Carpentry class.  I have done this in the past and it is a great way to learn the basics and try out many different tools and actually build something.  I am thinking in the fall and again if you are interested, let me know.


I will be attending the Midwest Mountaineering Spring Outdoor Expo April 22-24 at their Cedar and Riverside location in Minneapolis.   I will have a booth in the big tent behind the store and please stop by and say hi.  It is a great event with free presentations and booths on everything outdoors !  And lots of sales too.


I want to thank everyone who joined us this winter !  It was  great mushing,  beautiful snow,  the best huskies,  wonderful camaraderie  and conversation, ….. my little Finnish log cabin is just smiling from all the good energy that was here this mushing season and there is a peacefulness and satisfaction that I will continue to bask in.  And it was so nice to take a trip “outside” to the Start of the Iditarod with a great group of women and experience the best of mushing in a most beautiful state.   And a huge thanks to all the friends, Anita, Chris, Lynne, Margaret, Bobbi, Lauren, Laura, Craig, Sadie, Tricia and David who helped out on trips.


Bear's relative ?

Bear’s relative ?

I was thrilled to see this husky that looked like Bear at Iditarod.  He is Leonard in Hugh Neff’s team.  Hugh was the ’16 winner of the Yukon Quest.


Alyssa will be here to the end of March and the huskies will miss her a lot.  She has fallen for them and they for her.  We so appreciate all of her hard work, dedicated  and conscientious care, athletic mushing skills and talking and singing to them.  Her sensitivity, interest and enthusiasm has added immensely to our mushing adventures.


Forty crows flew overhead today, one of the biggest flocks I have seen.  They were circling the quinzee meadow where they nested last year.  It’s nice to see them back however it is very sad to think that means something else that you dearly love will be gone soon.




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