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April Full Moon of last runs and loose walks

After sitting outside for a picnic lunch in fifty degree sunshine at the end of February, I was quite concerned for the longevity of our snow but I am happy to say I made it to April 14 for the last run on good snow!   After trips ended March 25, I was able to work with a lot of the younger huskies, like Kylla, Lena, Tulugak and Mooz, putting them in teams.   I’ve also been trying lots of younger dogs in lead: Toklat, Sitka and Sven, who all did very well.

Tahti and Nikolai on our final "snow" run for the season

Tahti and Nikolai on our final “snow” run for the season


We had lots of good mushing at the end of March and beginning of April.  It is a time I get to focus entirely on the dogs and learn more about them, see how they are doing and incorporate training techniques to improve the mushing.  There are some dogs I don’t get to see as much during the winter if they are on the following teams and it is nice to run everyone and try different combinations.   I can do things like try Foxy in lead, most of the time he did very well.   I can run Lemmikki in single lead, she did great.   It is a fun and rewarding time for me.  We are in the transition time between sled and the 4 wheeler.  It is too wet to be on the trails yet and so everyday I take dogs on loose walks.  This is fun and also a great way to get to know them better and let them be wild and free.  We also go on some harness and belt walks, especially for the huskies that I did not raise.


Now the snow is all melted.  The kayaks are showing!  It’s nice to go from frozen water to shimmering liquid and it won’t be long before we are able to take them to the wonderful lakes we have in the area.  We will be offering Kayak Weekends, instruction and paddling on quiet inland lakes all summer and the list of dates is on the Sea Kayaking page.  I have been thinking of a Kayak Weekend To Ely and if anyone is interested, please let me know.   The wind in the pines and call of the loon and sunlight on the water are the thoughts that help soothe losing the snow and the end of mushing.


Another fun thing this spring is that the temperatures were good for the maple sap to run.  The Raventrail has maples close to the trail and Alyssa and I tapped 15 trees before she left.  David and I gathered the sap for a couple weeks and I did two boils over an open fire.  It took 10-12 hours each time, as it is about 40 parts water to 1 part sap, but the syrup is delicious.  We got about 1 1/2 gallons of syrup.




We would like to welcome Mel Schneider (Minneapolis) who will be the summer assistant.  She has worked with groups of women, done gardening, has some kayak experience and loves being outdoors.  We are looking forward to working together and enjoying the work this summer.  Alyssa was done at the end of March and will be working in Cornucopia, WI guiding kayaking on Lake Superior this summer.

Many thanks to Mel who came and helped at the Expo booth

Many thanks to Mel who came and helped at the Expo booth

And also thanks to Lynne, Dana, Dawn, Lisa, Amy, Lauren for helping out.  A highlight from the Expo was hearing Ann Bancroft speak.  She started with the “86 Expedition to the North Pole, and how that changed her life, to her and Liv Arnesen’s present/ongoing until 2027 education program about Water.  They traveled with a team of 6 other women from different continents this year on the Ganges River in India.  It was shocking what they saw and the “state of water”.    They plan to go to all the continents with this program.


David has planted most of the seeds for the gardens, under grow lights and they are doing well.  Growing food is such a miracle and one of the most important things I can think of to do.  We so need to stop poisoning our Earth and take care of our health.  Oh yes, Happy (belated) Earth Day Everyone !  It was cool that Earth Day and Full Moon were the same this year.  And speaking of gardens, it is a very busy time here and if anyone would like to come up and help out (and learn more about gardening) please let me know as we can always use the help.  Lodging and food included.


And we have openings in both Makelas and Peltos Cooperative Cabins.  It is a great way to have a cabin up North, with way less expense and maintenance, around like-minded people, with quiet and peacefulness.  Contact me for details if you are interested.


May your summer be filled with blessings, adventure, gratitude and some good cook outs.

                               When you pray, move your feet.     African proverb













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