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May Full Moon of Spring Beauties

Oh spring beauties….. there’s the sweet little ephemerals that line the floor of the woods now, white with magenta red stripes on the petals and the happy yellow marsh marigolds and rhubarb poking up through the ground again.  And then there’s the spring beautiful birds that come back and pass through, beauties of color, brilliant yellow finches and grosbeaks, red finches, rose breasted grosbeaks and always the striking blue jays.   And the greens of leaves returning to the trees soon to delight us with the melody of wind blowing through them.  And the spring beauty of huskies blowing their fur coats for their sleek summer look!


Some families have the “clean plate club”; here at Wintermoon we have the “clean name plate club”.  All the dogs get their name painted on a sign on their house.  Most cannot resist checking it out, like with their teeth.  But there are a few who deserve recognition for their utmost respect for all the hard work we put into painting them and adoring their homes:    Drumroll for the good dogs :  Tahti, Sitka, Lemmikki, Urho, Trondheim, Newton, Sami, Fran Nikolai (most surprising) and Lydia.   In the needs the most improvement: Lena (not surprising) and Sulu (surprising).

Newton has been a good dog

Newton has been a good dog

We have had weather good for getting into the gardens and have much tilled and weeded already.  Some kale and spinach is up in the greenhouse and some onions and potatoes are planted.  Today I really should start some peas too.  David has many trays of seedlings started and soon to be ready for planting.  We have also be re-doing the fences at the Thornapple garden as some tipped a bit and some were not adequate.   It has been nice to have handler Mel here early in May so we could work on so many of these projects.


Mel has been here almost two weeks and has been doing such a great job especially with the dogs.  She says she loves being outside all day and the variety of tasks we have.   Her favorite so far is walking the huskies every morning and the puppies – “they are so fun and cute”.  She is looking forward to watching the gardens progress and grow, meeting all the women who come up this summer for kayaking and getting even stronger and being in shape.


Well speaking of variety of tasks, what all do we do between mushing and kayaking season- we call it the Season of 100 Projects, here’s a few:

There's a bit of firewood to cut, split and stack !

There’s a bit of firewood to cut, split and stack !

Cleaning is always fun.

Cleaning is always fun.


There is tilling the gardens

There is tilling the gardens


There's pulling rocks out of the lawn with the truck and lots of digging

There’s pulling rocks out of the lawn with the truck and lots of digging


There's planting the seedlings David has started

There’s planting the seedlings David has started


And puppies to take on walks and play with.

And puppies to take on walks and play with.


And of course all the daily dog chores of exercising, watering, scooping, feeding, fluffing straw and loving!


There are still openings on kayak weekends especially in August and September.  A special mother and daughter kayaking weekend is July 15-17 and fall colors is at the end of September.  It would be great to have you join us.


We have openings in both of the cooperative cabins: Makelas and Peltos.  It is a one time fee of $6,000. for 6 weeks a year at a wonderful rustic secluded cabin in the Superior National Forest on 400 acres.  Maintenance free, lots of area lakes, close to BWCAW and North Shore.  Let me know if you would like more details.


This fall we have a new section of trail to build.  It’s exciting as we are going to start in the dogyard and go towards the Dogwood/Raventrail and meet off the driveway where the trail divides.  It is about 1/4 mile and will be a replacement for using the driveway.  It should be a fun and rewarding one to work on.  If anyone is interested, let me know what weekends work for you in October and possibly September and November.  I provide the food and Bunk-her.














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