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June Solstice Full Moon

Happy Summer Solstice !


Ah, the many rains and now so many shades of green…..   and very long days.   The gardens are almost planted but the rain and high heat have slowed things down, except for the weeds.   The 300 garlic plants are looking great !


Kayak season starts this weekend and there are still openings on several dates.  Relaxing, rejuvenating, connecting with nature and the fun of paddling on quiet inland lakes…..  the Fall Color Weekend September 23-25 is especially beautiful.


A NEW offering is a Carpentry For Women weekend September 16-18.  One of the highlights of my life has to be able to build the Bunk-her, sauna, living room addition, renovate my 100 year old cabin, both cooperative cabins.   And I think it’s great when other women can do this too.   We will go through the use all power and hand tools, basic carpentry and hands-on we’ll build things.  There will be time for questions about how-to for your own projects too.  I have loved having this building skill and look forward to sharing it.  No experience is necessary.  $200. includes everything.


The Yoga Weekend at the beginning of June was wonderful.  Yoga instructor Laura Haack is a sensitive, vibrant and experienced teacher and her students have loved it.  We will be offering a Fall Yoga Weekend Oct 7-9 and it is open to women at any level of yoga experience.  The yoga is done at Petrell Hall and we also have time for walks, relaxing, massage and Pam Thompson, herbalist gives a presentation.  Starts at 5 pm on Friday to Sunday lunch, $200. includes everything.


Fall Trails Weekends:  September 30-October 2   &   October 28-30

We have a major trail project this fall which should be fun and will make a great change to hooking up the huskies and taking off out of the dog yard.  We are going to build a trail right behind the west side of the dog yard that will hook up with the first Y intersection of the Dogwood Trail.  So, no going out the driveway any longer.  I will lose a couple dog spaces, Urho and Skipper for sure and maybe Willow but there is extra space on the other side for them.

We would love to have you join us to work on this trail and maybe some of the other beautiful trails we have, nipping and clearing.  I provide all the meals, tools, Bunk-her, sauna and we work with the huskies too.  Come anytime on Friday and we usually just work the morning on Sunday.  It is a wonderful time to be out in the woods.


There are only a few dates left for Dogsledding this winter so if you have a group, please check out the dates on the web site page and reserve them soon.


And there are still openings at the cooperative cabins we have on the property.


The huskies are doing well.  In the summer they get moved around a bit as females come into heat, or someone goes to the vet,…. and so it is fun to watch the interactions with new neighbors.  Mooz is having fun with Kylla next door and they love to play.  Lena and Tulugak are good at “race by” as they speed around their circles.  Lydia has come to the front and she likes to “talk” about it to everyone.  It has been too warm now for the 4 wheeler but lots of harness and loose walks.   Sami was in the cabin last week as she has been spayed and Koyuk is going in next month for neutering.  Amaroq’s puppies are doing great and are in the pen now.  They are out everyday for loose runs and fun.


And puppies to take on walks and play with.

IMG_7420                         IMG_7400

Joining handler Mel (holding Susi, wolf in Finnish) is Christine (in pink) who is helping us part time this summer.  She has been coming up occasionally and helping for many years and so is very familiar with the dogs, kitchen and all things WM/SS.  It is great having her and she was instrumental in helping find Fran in N. St. Paul.  She spent 3 days looking for her and was able to lead me to the place where I finally caught her.  Fran was going to go to a retirement home but after only several hours bolted away and ran off.  Lisa and Bill searched tirelessly and helped to find the area where she was.  We are very lucky that in all that traffic/busy streets…. Fran made it to a wooded area and hung out there until we found her.  Many thanks also to Craig, Anita, Chris and Sarah for helping.   What a relief !    But on a very sad note, one of the hardest things ever in the dog yard, Bear died from a heart problem.  When you have a husky that you adore and he adores you back and that unconditional love flows like a river and glows like the northern lights and is as endless as the milky way, it hurts like hell.  He was 7 and beautiful, smart, loving, funny and my “baby” Bear.  His spirit will always be with me and helping me to be a better human.


Bear 001




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