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July Full Moon of Growing

Everything is growing…   the beautiful and bountiful vegetables, the annoying weeds, the cute little Amaroq puppies, the temperatures on the thermometer, the list of wonderful volunteers we have had to help this summer,


We have been spending a lot of time in the gardens.  Finally everything is planted, over 100 tomato  plants,  multitudes of peppers, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, squash and rows of onions and potatoes.  The 300 garlic are looking good with lots of scapes to eat now.  And the greens have made some fabulous salads.


The kayak trips have been great and interestingly, the two weekends the forecast was for RAIN, lots of it, and both times we had the nicest, sunniest paddling time.  It does help one to feel ever so appreciative.  The mother  and daughter kayaking was very fun and what an treat to be able to take teen girls into the outdoors with them enjoying and appreciating it.  Really nice moms!



The puppies are 4 months old tomorrow and are starting the know their names and show some personality.

Monk or Munk (not sure yet) – male


Has been getting the most attention for his fashionable and Guiness book of world record cone.   He was flying around the yard on Sunday and came back with a cut on his nose.  FYI, noses bleed a lot and they are hard to do compression on.  And puppies touch everything first with their noses.  A regular cone was not seeming to be enough to keep him from touching things so two additional extensions, and some major duct tape were needed.  He is trying to handle it on a dog bed and a fan in the living room but when the other pups are loose running around, he looses it and just screams the whole time.  They have been together all the time and I think that is the hardest for him.  He loves when we go in there and hold him on our laps.  He is quite independent and runs very fast.


Osa (Bear) – female


I loved her cuddly nature as a puppy and she has a little bear face.  As she grows she is looking more like a Kylla twin and she is very confident, playful, responsive and likes to jump up on the fence hoping for some petting.


Sigurd – male


This guy had a striking air about him from puppyhood and seemed to observe and study things.  He still sits alone by the fence and watches what is going on and will often be the first to try things.  I wanted a special name and when Mel said she was going to name her first dog Sigrud, it seemed perfect.  She said it was ok for me to use the name too.  We spent some time at Sigurd Olson’s Listening Point last year and it seemed like a great match.  He is kind of “tall”  and smart too.


Susi – female

The Finnish word for wolf and she looks a little like a gray wolf.  Her mother’s name also means wolf and she is very loving like her mother.  She loves to be held and petted and is a little shy and hesitant at times.  She’s very responsive to coming when you call her name and Mel’s favorite.



Wing – female


This pup’s namesake is her great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother and was a famous lead dog of early Beargrease days owned by Joan Carlson.    For those like me who like this it is Amaroq, Lemmikki, Libby, Gabby, Ursa, Crooks, Agnes, Gullywing and WING!  And so ironically, all the females in the line.  Amazing and wonderful dogs!!!!!   This pup is fast, smart, friendly, gets along with everyone, responsive and all around fun.  And all (except mom who we are not sure yet) of her ancestors are lead dogs.



There are still some spaces left for :

A NEW offering is a Carpentry For Women weekend September 16-18.  One of the highlights of my life has to be able to build the Bunk-her, sauna, living room addition, renovate my 100 year old cabin, both cooperative cabins.   And I think it’s great when other women can do this too.   We will go through the use all power and hand tools, basic carpentry and hands-on we’ll build things.  There will be time for questions about how-to for your own projects too.  I have loved having this building skill and look forward to sharing it.  No experience is necessary.  $200. includes everything.


The Yoga Weekend at the beginning of June was wonderful.  Yoga instructor Laura Haack is a sensitive, vibrant and experienced teacher and her students have loved it.  We will be offering a Fall Yoga Weekend Oct 7-9 and it is open to women at any level of yoga experience.  The yoga is done at Petrell Hall and we also have time for walks, relaxing, massage and Pam Thompson, herbalist gives a presentation.  Starts at 5 pm on Friday to Sunday lunch, $200. includes everything.


Fall Trails Weekends:  September 30-October 2   &   October 28-30

We have a major trail project this fall which should be fun and will make a great change to hooking up the huskies and taking off out of the dog yard.  We are going to build a trail right behind the west side of the dog yard that will hook up with the first Y intersection of the Dogwood Trail.  So, no going out the driveway any longer.  I will lose a couple dog spaces, Urho and Skipper for sure and maybe Willow but there is extra space on the other side for them.

We would love to have you join us to work on this trail and maybe some of the other beautiful trails we have, nipping and clearing.  I provide all the meals, tools, Bunk-her, sauna and we work with the huskies too.  Come anytime on Friday and we usually just work the morning on Sunday.  It is a wonderful time to be out in the woods.


And many thanks to the wonderful helpers –  Anita, Jodi, Katherine, Alika, David, Mary and Christine.  We couldn’t do it without you and it is very fun to have you join in.



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