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August Full Moon of Gratitude

I was blessed this full moon morning to wake and look out my window to see three hummingbirds, one was flying and two sitting on honeysuckle branches.  The muted colors made me think the two sitting are youngsters learning from the parent.  All around I have beautiful jewelweed which they love and so the yard has been alive with them.  I have to chuckle as I also had another hummingbird feeder visitor at about the most opposite of the tiny hummer – the bear.  One evening I left it out on the tree a little too long (we take them in every night) and he found it, knocked it down but luckily I got out there and chased him away before he could break it.


Thornapple greenhouse

Thornapple greenhouse  Tomatoes and Peppers

I recently read and was reminded about the role of gratitude in our health.  It feels so true and really a fun thing to practice.  Some of the things right now are the beautiful and healthy produce from our gardens.   We would never deny the hard, hot work (and I love the Buddhist saying work is prayer)  involved in nurturing these healthful vegetables to our table but every bite of broccoli, green beans, garlic, tomato, pepper, potato and …. is worth it.


We have two Kayak Weekends left – August 26-28 and September 23-25 and they both have a couple spaces left if anyone would like to join us.  The kayaking this summer has been really good with lake levels high for good paddling.  This made it possible to put in at the shallow Sullivan Lake entry but not so good for these turtles who are having a harder time finding logs and rocks to sun on.  Mel found out that they do need to warm themselves to keep  their body temperature up.  We saw many on this lake.

IMG_7555                                            .IMG_7559


There are still openings for Carpentry for Women September 16-18 and Yoga October 7-9.  Both of these offering take advantage of the peacefulness of northeastern Minnesota boreal forest, the wonderful healthful organic “farm to table” meals here and some husky petting time.  There is more info on the web site also.


Mel and Lauren grilling a tasty feast

Mel and Lauren grilling a tasty feast


And speaking of the huskies, the pups will be 5 months old this week and are sweet and affectionate.  They love to run around together and love to be by the people…. like helping Mel stack firewood.





The weather in the mornings has been a little cooler to be walking dogs but not yet the 4 wheeler.   They are doing well and have been moved around the dog yard a lot so they have had new buddies to play with.  Fran ended up getting an abscess in her throat after her big adventure loose in St. Paul and that is all healed.  Koyuk was neutered so spent some nice time in the cabin; I always like the one on one we get to spend when they need to come and stay with me.   One very interesting little behavior that our young pup Wing has is to “bury” her poop  like a cat, with gravel.  This is very unusual but even more so is I have previously had a husky named Wing (she died in 2013) that I got from Claire and Chris who did that same thing.  The other pups are males: Sigurd and Monk, females: Osa and Susi and their most favorite thing is playing with uncles Tulugak and Mooz and auntie Lena.


Many thanks to Lauren, Renee, Jodi, Katherine and Alika for all of your help with our homestead and trips.  We really appreciate it and the the Pennsylvania crew – Manya, Nathalie and Hayden for helping with the dogs.







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