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April Snow’s Gone Full Moon

I am excited to be having a booth at the

Midwest Mountaineering Spring Expo       April 28-30

309 Cedar Ave   Minneapolis, on the West Bank  and all free

There will be hundreds of speakers and presentations, informational booths, prizes and beer!  A great time to learn about outdoor opportunities and how-to’s, gear, kayak and canoe swap, sales and more. 

Friday 2-9:30     Saturday 9-6:30     Sunday 10-5

A featured speaker I am excited about is Amy Freeman who just spent a year in the BWCAW to call attention to the wilderness and the threat of mining.  She will speak about it on Sat. 10 am in the UofM Carlson School of Mgmt. L 110 (near Midwest and the tents) and Sun at 1 pm Reflections of 30,000 miles.

It is a great event and please stop by the booth and say hi.


Well no one is going to stop or censor me from saying CLIMATE CHANGE and I cannot believe our “country” is finding either the fact or the censorship acceptable.  Again this year the snow has left early, last dogsledding day on snow was March 29.  Typically I am mushing until the middle of April so can you tell I am not happy!  We are now in a transition time and will get the 4 wheeler out soon.  The one fun thing is many dogs get to go on loose walks in addition to walking in harness.

It was a great dogsledding season and so many thanks to all who joined us this winter.  The healing and loving energy of the huskies and nature calls to many and it is great to be with such kindred spirits.

And thinking of this reminds me to ask if you know of a special woman who might want to be part of this for the summer, there is an opening for an assistant working with the huskies, organic gardens & kayaking. 


The mother and daughter trip was wonderful with 3 ten year olds and a high schooler who all adored dogs and the dogs reciprocated.  There was lots of petting and a new thing: Kapufur!  Quite a pile of white fur from brushing indoor husky Kapu.  There were stories, nature hike with Lynn, lots of husky petting and fun dogsledding.

Lynn and I got to do some sled runs before the snow left and it was fun to try some new dogs in lead.  The 3 year olds Sven, Olga and Akiak all did well and surprisingly Newton, who has been pulling with more focus every year, seemed to like it and did pretty good.  We took the one year olds out a few times and they will be ready next season.

It was great to have Lynn as handler this season.  She loved the huskies and was such a good musher and teacher.  Her upbeat personality was great on trips and made all of our winter that much better.  Many thanks to her.  She will be guiding canoeing and kayaking for Voyageur Outward Bound in Ely this summer.

Boiling maple sap on Lynn's last day

Boiling maple sap on Lynn’s last day

This summer I will be offering Carpentry for Women again.  We had a great fall workshop and built so many good things: a gate for the garden, bird feeder trays, part of a shed wall, sawhorses…  It is a useful class if you have your own home and would like to take on some of your own projects and fix-its. 

Laura from the fall class just told me she has already purchased a jig saw and sawzall (she had a circular saw) and has built a compost bin, a lattice fencing on her deck and worked on some garden structures.  And is loving being able to do these things herself.

We will learn all about hand and power tools, safety, basic construction and then use this knowledge to build practical things to learn techniques and practice skills.

It is June 23 (Friday, 5 pm) to June 25 (Sunday early afternoon)

                         and includes lodging and meals.   $200.

Heart in the Earth    August 4-6       $250.

This potpourri  weekend of outdoor and nature activities, workshops and speakers is a wonderful testament to women loving the outdoors and having fun sharing it.   A Lake Superior cruise, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, herbs, massage, campfires, yoga, gardening….  and more.  Includes lodging and meals.


We will also be offering Kayaking Weekends June 16-18, July 14-16, July 21-23, August 11-13, August 18-20, August 25-27, September 15-17 (BWCAW) and fall colors September 22-24.  Learn / review the basics and paddle on quiet inland lakes immersed in the pristine natural world.  All gear, kayaks, lodging and meals included.   $225.  Get a group of 6-8 and there’s complimentary wine tasting from a northern Minnesota winery Forestedge.

And a few final thoughts:

Lynn was walking puppy Wing a couple weeks ago in the early morning after we had heard the huskies barking a lot through the night.  Never saw anything or figured out what it was.  As she went out the Grouse trail and neared the intersection with the Inuit, Wing put her tail between her legs and came right over to Lynn and did not want to walk further.  This isn’t anything Wing or any other dog had done before and Wing only wanted to go back.  I have had some similar situations and in my experience have deduced that there were probably wolves there during the night.  It  is nice to know we have wildlife and wolves but it seemed pretty close.  The next morning I took Sigurd out there and he was cautious and smelling everything in that area but was not as scared.  We have heard wolves howling in the area quite a bit lately and now is the time that they will be denning to have pups.

I have put the recipe for Switchel, the 1800’s farmer energy drink on the website.

And from USA Today article:  Climate change is making us sick

“From increases in deadly diseases to chocking air pollution and onslaughts of violent weather, man-made climate change is making Americans sicker, according to a report released by 11 of the nations top medical societies, prepared by the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health, a new group that represents more than 400,000 doctors.  They pinpointed 3 types of harms:

  • Direct harms, such as injuries and deaths due to increasing violent weather, asthma and other lung diseases exacerbated by extremely hot weather, wildfires and longer allergy seasons
  • Increased spread of disease through insects that carry infections such as Lyme and Zika and through contaminated food and water.
  • The effects on mental health resulting from the damage climate change can do to society, such as increasing depression and anxiety.

    Have to end with something good:  Moose tracks on my driveway last week!

    Have to end with something good: Moose tracks on my driveway last week!


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