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May of many seasons Full Moon


Just 11 days ago, this was the wintery scene here and you can’t really tell but there is a lot of ice under everything.  It rain and froze, sleeted, snowed and was cold.  Now on this May full moon, it is summer, lots of 60’s this week, green grass growing, rhubarb gaining inches each day and the dog yard is mostly dried out.  Amazing and Minnesota !


The huskies just take everything in stride and I try to learn from them.  Does their mood change when it is unseasonable?  Not that I can tell.  If I say Sigurd let’s go for a walk, I get the same reaction every day, even if I think it is too cold, icy, warm, rainy…..   how uplifting.  And the heaven’s know that we need uplifting at this time.


I have to wonder how this clown is affecting all things.  I am still looking for a handler after years of mostly having women reach out to Wintermoon Summersun.  The sign ups for everything are very slow.   I too sometimes find myself overwhelmed with the circus.  Thank goodness, I have the beauty and quiet of the Northwoods.


The huskies are doing well.   I am going out most mornings with the 4 wheeler, then walking some with harness and some loose.  The treat this week was bones from the butcher shop.

IMG_8266                 IMG_8261               IMG_8263

Osa, Susi and Monk very excited about getting a real bone.  Everyone got one and it was a great day.


There are openings for Carpentry for Women, Heart in the Earth and many of the Kayaking weekends.  The details are under Trips on the web site.  It would be fun to have you join us and be able to spend some time in wondrous nature.


The Midwest Mountaineering Expo was really fun and a highlight was hearing Amy Freeman speak.  She and her husband spent a year living in the BWCAW to raise awareness about the problems of heavy metal mining close by.  Her pictures, stories and information were great and there is still time to send input to the Forest Service about not leasing lands to the mining companies.  Many thanks to Laura, Lynne, Kate, Michele, Dawn, Renee, Lauren and Lisa for coming and helping at the booth.


And there are still openings for the cooperative cabins, 3 or 6 weeks shares of Northwoods quiet and beauty.   Sweet, rustic cabins, great trails and lots of fun things near by, sauna, ….   I would be glad to share details.

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