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June Trillium Full Moon


                        Appreciation involves the Spirit.

                        It takes a keen eye and an open heart

                        along with a soul of beauty.

                        It takes a mind that is cautious and alert.

                        Always silent and listening.

                        A body that moves stealthily and gently.

                        A stillness of being that comes from within

                        and lets the outside melt into you like butter on hot plate.

                                                    Deb Torgerson/Degner


The forest floor is teeming with beautiful trilliums this early summer.  Right behind Sven and Susi there are at least 40 and this one is the largest I have seen – the 3 leaves are 10″ wide and 21″ high.  The lilacs have just started blooming, the rose breasted grosbeaks and hummingbirds are back and we have started planting the garden.  It was a cool and rainy start to the full moon cycle and so the gardening is a little behind.

IMG_8314 (2)

The wonderful seedlings started by David

The wonderful seedlings started by David

We do have some peas, potatoes, kale, lettuce and spinach up though.  And one greenhouse is planted with tomatoes and tomorrow I will plant another.

You may notice I said “I”, as I haven’t found a good assistant for this summer and am still looking.  If you know of anyone who might like to join the huskies and me for some Northwoods living, let me know or have them get ahold of me: wintermoon@brimson.com.  Also, if anyone is interested in coming and helping on a trip or any other time, volunteers are always welcome.

We had a wonderful spring Yoga weekend, restorative and energizing.  Many thanks to Laura Haack the yoga instructor who is so caring, intuitive and gives excellent instruction.  Women find the peaceful Northwoods setting a great place to practice.  And many thanks to all the yoga women for walking almost every husky – a fun way to start the day.  We will be offering Yoga again October 6-8.

There are still openings for the Carpentry Basics June 23-25, some Kayak weekends and for Heart in the Earth August 4-6.  Heart in the Earth, Women Outdoors will feature a Lake Superior cruise and kayaking, hiking, canoeing, herbal workshop… and have two interesting speakers – Dawn Ulrich – A 50th birthday BWCAW solo canoe journey and Renee Casey – Inside the Iditarod, Handling and Pee Team.

When winter handler Lynn stopped by on her way to her summer job at Voyageur Outward Bound in Ely, she gifted us with this amazing board with all the husky’s pictures and names that we have put at the harness station.  Each picture is laminated and has a magnet so we can move them easily and they can be in the same location as they are in the dog yard.  This will make it so easy to know where the dog you are going to harness is !

IMG_8332                   IMG_8283                 IMG_8334

The huskies are good, going on walks and being loose, playing with kongs, chewing on bones…. summertime.  We do have one project and Sulu, Wing and Nikoli are excited about helping spread the 3 dump truck loads of gravel that we spread all over the dog yard every summer.  Lydia said, as the elder in the yard , she would be glad to supervise.  Olga and Tulugak went on a field trip to the Spay and Neuter Clinic and got to then spend about 1 1/2 weeks in the cabin.  Both are doing great.

IMG_8320 (2)             IMG_8335               

                 ANCIENT FIRES

                        The campfire taunts with its glowing and smoldering.

                        Ancients seem to pass like phantoms before my eyes.

                        Melting into my mind.   Carrying into an androgenous spirit.

                        Until I am smoke, stars, moon fire, and finally ashes.

                        And yet my blood is Mother Earth.

                                                Deb Torgerson/Degner

I would like to thank Deb for sharing her writings.  She was our handler here in the ’90’s and has taken writing workshops and been writing for many years.  She lives in Duluth and has come up to visit and help us too.

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