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July “wolf howling” full moon

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Kayaking season has started with a fun and energetic group from North Dakota.  Eight friends who know each other through a fitness center joined us this full moon weekend.  It was good weather and paddling and both nights the wolves howled.  You can hear the yips of the youngsters with the beautiful serenade of the adults.  Many thanks to Peggy, Rebecca and Erin who knew about us through taking yoga and came up and helped on this trip- you were beyond amazing.  And thanks to all for all the huskies who got walked this weekend – there were some favorites out there, Akiak, Nome, Sven, Lemmikki, Sigurd and Foxy !


There are still openings for Kayak trips: July 21-23, August 11-13, 18-20   and September 22-24 fall colors and Heart in the Earth August 4-6.  Heart in the Earth will have a very special cruise on Lake Superior on Sunday.  Looking at the beautiful, rocky shoreline from the lake is like seeing a “new” world, so totally different and magnificent.  Also our 2 speakers -Dawn on the BWCAW and Renee on Iditarod are interesting, colorful adventures.


The dogs are good and up until this past week, it hasn’t been too hot for them.  Tahti and Osa are sporting new canopies and their patios look like you could have a really nice picnic there.  They love the shade.  Pups are still getting to run loose in the mornings and I will often do two at a time as they really like to chase each other.  I have built a new very shaded pen on the east side of the dog yard for Oh-too and Lydia and they seem to be getting along very well.  One of the projects I have started this summer is upgrading the husky huts, some new legs, roofs and other repairs.  It is very fun working out there with them.



The gardens are coming along ok.  Got a lot of things in late and it has been kind of rainy and cool for them.  And we have a pesky rabbit who has been getting in the fence somehow.  My project this week is to find out where and put an end to that. We are getting some wonderful greens now.


Still looking for a handler if anyone is interested, starting anytime.  Thanks to Alexis who has been helping out part time and is great with the dogs.


There’s a new web site: Eventyr.com that is for small outdoor adventure businesses that I am going to be involved with.  They are great to be promoting the unique and lesser known outings that people can do.  One of the women involved came up to Brimson and wrote a profile for my business.




The environmentalist

J.M. Dare

As the sun shone down through the timbers, the breeze softly whispered through the

pine needles and newly budding trees. The birds sang, the red squirrels frolicked, and the

wind chimes softly played a melody, while I sat with Kathleen on a sunny spring day in

Brimson. Located between Two Harbors and Ely, MN, it’s the perfect location to “play in the

outdoors.” Kathleen is an environmentalist, a minimalist, a pioneer among women, a

storyteller, a sled dogger, kayaker, gardener, teacher, carpenter, and guide. She effortlessly

exudes a calmness and peacefulness which lingered with me for days after meeting her. It

was a blissful feeling. Even the faintest sound of her voice lulled her dogs to be still, as we

spoke. A true testament of her love, gentleness and understanding for her dogs, and theirs

for her.

Kathleen has been guiding women’s retreats for 44 years. Offering dog sledding, hiking,

kayaking, and yoga adventures. Her log home and cabins are loaded with charm, and

positioned optimally on 404 acres of pure wilderness, with handcrafted cabins she built

herself, a Finnish sauna with the cleansing aroma of essential oils and cedar, organic

gardens, and over 30 beautiful Alaskan Huskies. This experience is one of kind, with wood

burning stoves, an outdoor water pump, and solar power for electricity. It’s reminiscent of

all the joys and activities of a summer and winter camp year round. This experience is 100%

authentic living-with a rustic appeal, and a peacefulness most people don’t find in their

personal lives.

For Kathleen, her place has offered her healing, freedom to grow, and an opportunity to

become a whole woman over the years. She lives life on her terms, how she wants, when

she wants, and with the freedom to do what she loves. Now she says, “I am able to share

this with other women. To allow them a space where they can disconnect with their lives,

drop into a heartspace with other women-sharing, helping, talking, developing a sense of

community, while rejuvenating their souls in nature.” That is exactly how I felt when I left

her place and drove through the tall whispering pines on my way home. My time with her

will always be something I cherish.

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