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August “Berry” Full Moon

Full moon morning –  37 degrees

Oh aggkaka with strawberry rhubarb sauce, mmm…Fran’s hot cereal with blueberries, a handful of raspberries as we walk to the garden…. oh August !


The huskies are doing well this summer, it has not been too hot and we have gotten rain on a regular basis to keep them cool and clean.  The 16 month old pups are enjoying running loose every morning and it is very fun to see how fast  their games of chase are.  Can’t wait to see them in the teams this winter.  One morning I let Amaroq loose to run around the yard and she ran towards the pen Lydia and Oh-too are in and without hesitation jumped the 3′ fence.  After checking them out, she chose to jump over the 4′ high section to get out.  She’s done it several times now.

IMG_8493 (2)                  IMG_8497 (2)

One day I was watering the huskies and was at Lena’s in the back row and the other dogs were looking over our way barking very excitedly.  I looked back in the woods where they were looking and there was an animal moving around in the bushes.  It was jumping or struggling and I couldn’t tell what it was….  we have had wolves, foxes and bears around, I had a momentary panic ….  I walked in closer and then saw it was…. Urho!  His snap had broken so he was loose and he was playing with his kong in the bushes.  He loves to jump on it and move it around and play with it.  I laughed with relief.




Heart in the Earth was wonderful – herbal walks and creating antibiotic salve with Pam Thompson, a presentation on a solo BWCAW trip by Dawn Spitzer Ulrich, Iditarod Tales and Tails by Renee Casey, yoga with Alexis, massage with Dana Kuehn, kayaking, canoeing, SUP, walking huskies and a Lake Superior cruise made for a fun outdoors weekend (with amazing weather).  Many thanks to the presenters, helpers and all those who attended.

IMG_8504       IMG_8511       IMG_8510

Heart in the Earth was so energizing and the feeling of connecting and sharing outdoor adventures with other women so special that I am planning to offer it every year and schedule on the first full weekend in August.  It will still have the regular activities of kayaking, herbal workshop, walking huskies, …. and every year will offer different speakers and activities too.  We would love to have you plan to join us.


There are still openings for Kayaking September 22-24 during the Fall Colors.  It is a refreshing time to be paddling, cooler weather and beautiful trees.


And now is the time to plan for winter dogsledding.  If you have a group of 6-8, I still have a few dates available and they are listed on the Trips page – Dogsledding.


The gardens are doing well.  We have been eating lots of vegetables and it is a time of year one feels very “sustainable” – lots of home-grown organic food and lots of sun for power.  We just finished pulling and harvesting our 300 garlic plants and they look great,  lots of good pesto!



We will be having a Trails weekend October 20-22 to work on the dog trails.  We’ll remove any trees that have fallen over the summer and nip the pesky brush that grows up.  I provide the food, sauna, Bunk-her and we will work about 4 hours each day and do some fun stuff too.  All are welcome, no experience necessary.

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