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September busy Full Moon

During summer one finds themselves saying I can’t wait until the mosquitos are gone, or til it’s not so hot out, or I can be done watering the garden…. and then when all that happens and summer is over, you think, how did that go by so fast.  Funny life.  So it has been a busy time with gardens, trying to finish the “summer” jobs, uping the husky training, …  but when you love fall, it is ok.


We have spent a lot of time shoveling gravel all around the dog yard this summer, kind of cursing the abundance of rain (over eight inches above normal) and how much of it needs to be moved.  But as with so many grudging tasks, there might be a silver lining side…. we are spending a huge amount of time in the dog yard.  It has struck me how much some of the dogs are reminding me of “dog’s past”.   Now Sven is a sweet lovable, alpha-like, handsome boy and I have called him Sven Bob for awhile and not because I was thinking of my past dog Bob.  But as I thought about it, he does really remind me of that wonderful Crooks pup who was a main leader and alpha for years.   And four year old Koyuk, named after a Native Alaska village in the Iditarod, has been finding ways to get me to pet him longer.   He has been extra friendly and entertaining lately and I find myself thinking of Uno-tuk; they look some alike and Uno tuk has his name from an Inuit village too.  I hope Koyuk is as good of a leader as I am sure I will be working with him this winter.  Amaroq is reminding me a lot of Bear, so devoted and in tune with me.  Interestingly she and Bear went on many loose walks together when she was a pup and I know she is a keen observer.  And Osa has earned the nickname TJ for Tillie Junior as her friendly rub my belly personality is very much like her great aunt, Craig’s Tillie.  I have had dogs for over 30 years and it’s fun to think about all the great huskies we have had and how intertwined they are with the great ones we have now.

Our gardens were not quite as large as normal but still took a lot of time.  It is fun to be doing the harvesting now and the tomatoes are starting to ripen.  Potatoes, onions, garlic, broccoli, greens and beets are all doing well.

                     YOGA WEEKEND OCTOBER 6-8

Join us for an energizing & relaxing weekend in the heart of the boreal forest, 50 mi. N. of Duluth with Yoga instructor Laura Haack & naturalist/guide Kathleen Anderson – Wintermoon Summersun Lodge. 

 Our retreat center is eco-friendly, 100% solar power, organic gardens, wood heat, Finnish sauna, pure well water and healthy hearty meals.  There will be 4 one hour plus yoga sessions focusing on centering, balance and stretching.  There will be time for relaxing, hiking, playing with (32) sled dogs, art, reading,  and we will eat our meals together.  Many of our meals originate from the organic gardens harvest & we can accommodate dietary considerations.

 The weekend starts at 5 pm on Friday and includes lodging, all meals and yoga.  Cost – $200.  Please feel free to share this info and a registrations is included.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  It would be great to have you join us,  Kathleen and Laura 


We will be having a Trails Weekend, open to all women who would like to work in the woods = October 20-22 and I provide the food, Bunkher, sauna, tools,…  we work about 4 hours on Sat. and a couple hr. Sun a.m.  and we will be having a Calendar Party with the new 2018 Outdoorsy Husky Loving Women Calendar ready for sale.  If you would like to order one, they are $25. & includes P & H; they are a benefit for the vet fund.


Also busy with two trips to the BW and what fun to explore the beauty and serenity of our Minnesota wilderness.  Half of the women had never been before and so it was great to share with them.

IMG_8590         IMG_8616          IMG_8627


Many thanks to Alexis who helped us out the last couple months and best to her on a road trip out West.  If you know of anyone who might like to have the most fantastic winter running sled dogs, please let me know.

And it would be great to have you join us this winter for some fantastic mushing with our amazing huskies.  The schedule is on the web page Trips:Dogsledding.


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