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December Super Moon

The moon was indeed super, closer and brighter, in the sky last night and reflecting off the snow always adds to the magical feeling.  It is transition time, days much shorter and nights a lot colder.  It does take the body time to adjust but I always feel grateful that I welcome winter.


The huskies are definitely in a different mood than the lazy days of summer.  Jumping and eager to be picked to go on the training runs, they are such good examples of loving your work.  And such fun to be part of this energy.


Tillie, Qimmiq and Jax are back !  Craig’s super trio have come back up North for the sledding season and are doing great.  Jax is 2 months recovered from a successful surgery for bloat.  It is a very life threatening condition and he was very lucky to get the care he did from Craig and U of M Emergency Vets.


Besides getting the huskies ready for mushing, we have been working diligently on the trails.  It is amazing to be able to have our own private trails and it takes a bit of time to maintain them.  The Inuit trail is getting special attention as it has had a bumpy section down in the tamaracks.  Lots of logs, boughs and straw are making it into a super highway.  But the feeling, with the tall majestic spruce and eastern larches is one of serenity and peacefulness.


We have had over 21 ” of snowfall so far this season, about 4 above normal.  It had been quite cold in early November so the ground froze but now we have had some warm days and the snow has settled a bit.  It is still white and there are some good predictions for snow this week.


There are still a few openings dogsledding trips this season if you would like to join us for some exhilaration, teamwork, present moment joy, a connection to the past and connection to nature.  New Years weekend, January 5-7 & 12-14 and possibly March 16-18 for men and women.


The 2018 Outdoors and Husky Loving Women Calendar is available with fun new photos of friends doing what we love – playing with huskies, yoga, gardening, outhousing, saunaing, rolling in the snow after sauna….  all a benefit for the veterinary fund.  $25. includes postage and handling.


It was great to have ’17 winter handler Lynn here for a couple weeks helping out.  The dogs love her and she loves the dogs, especially Oh-too who got to come into her cabin every night.  IMG_8790


We wish everyone a happy Holidays and more than ever, may it be filled with some peace and joy and hope.  If necessary, turn off twitter, find a dog to hug and go outside!



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