Our Philosophy

Kathleen Anderson is owner/operator of Wintermoon Summersun Adventures in Brimson, Minnesota, 50 miles north of Duluth. Kathleen is an avid outdoors-woman. Besides dog sledding for 25 years and kayaking for 20 years, she enjoys organic gardening,  snow shoeing, making trails, wild ricing by canoe, reading, jogging with huskies and hiking. She has also worked as a social worker, forest service technician, fire fighter, quilter and carpenter. 
All the buildings- log cabin lodge, Bunk-her, sauna, and outhouse have been built or renovated by Kathleen and friends.  She has built and maintains miles of scenic trails.

Our homestead is rustic and simple, keeping in tune with environmental stewardship. We are 100 % solar power, we heat our cabins and sauna with renewable wood, we recycle and compost, have a hand pump for well water.

Kathleen’s philosophy

Living closely and harmoniously with nature has been my intent for the 40 years I’ve been at my Finnish homestead in northeastern Minnesota. I embrace the connection we have with animals, trees and plants, land, water, and have tried to learn about and respect them. There is a feeling of balance and peacefulness living in the forest and I have gained immensely from this opportunity. In my gratitude I am privileged to share the wonder of the Northwoods, my huskies, the land and the water.

Our goal is to share the wonderful beauty and healing of nature and provide you with a safe, informative and exciting Northwoods experience.
Feel free to contact us anytime at:

Wintermoon Summersun
3388 Petrell Rd.
Brimson, MN 55602


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  1. Renie Lauer
    May 29, 2012 at 5:25 pm #

    I was just looking for a canoe rental, and stumbled upon your website. It sounds like paradise. What a perfect combination of activities and lifestyle. I will be in touch soon, sounds like a wonderful escape.

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