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March “Everyones Running” Full Moon

Isn’t Sigurd cute!  and Lynn too….  we have started training the almost one year old Amaroq pups, taking them on sled runs and they have been doing well.  Some have gone alone with the little wooden basket sled including Wing and Osa and Susi and Monk have gone out with four dogs teams on the Raventrail.  […]

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February Snow & Satisfaction Moon

When you take care of thirty plus sled dogs year round, that’s like feeding every day, scooping every day, watering every day, going to the vet on a moment’s notice, doing maintenance on dog houses, chains, walk dogs every morning in the summer, puppy walks, hook up countless teams to the four wheeler in the spring […]

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January Bobcat Moon

How could it not be the bobcat moon when on New Years Eve I looked out the window at the birdfeeders and there was a bobcat sitting under, snow falling every so gently on him / her.  The next night, it was there again.  Last weekend during the trip, eating lunch we looked out the […]

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December – where’s she been – full moon

To say it’s been cloudy has been an understatement, 19 days of no sun, clouds, snow, rain…  oh my.  It has been hard on the solar panels, hard on the snow and the humans.  We had a beautiful early snowfall that we lost to the rains; it would have been an additional 2 feet of […]

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November SUPER Moon

SUPER MOON !  WINTERMOON ! She’s beautiful and a bit ironic that it’s this week she’s the biggest and brightest in 68 years.  I’m thinking the moon feels we need extra light, energy and love for the four years to come. This week in particular I am very fortunate to live deep in the woods […]

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October “howling wolves” moon

The night after David weed trimmed the Raventrail the wolves were running on it, howling to let us know, and of course leaving their scat.  Luckily the yoga group was here, our huskies alerted us and we all got to hear them.  They went back and forth with the dogs a number of times and […]

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Beautiful September Full Moon

What a fun, full and scary week this has been with worry about our first freeze on Tuesday night : 29 degrees and would our greenhouses hold and all the covers on the freeze-ables be enough, beautiful sunny days and getting ready for this weekends first Carpentry for Women course.  It has been fun to […]

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August Full Moon of Gratitude

I was blessed this full moon morning to wake and look out my window to see three hummingbirds, one was flying and two sitting on honeysuckle branches.  The muted colors made me think the two sitting are youngsters learning from the parent.  All around I have beautiful jewelweed which they love and so the yard […]

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July Full Moon of Growing

Everything is growing…   the beautiful and bountiful vegetables, the annoying weeds, the cute little Amaroq puppies, the temperatures on the thermometer, the list of wonderful volunteers we have had to help this summer,   We have been spending a lot of time in the gardens.  Finally everything is planted, over 100 tomato  plants,  multitudes of […]

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June Solstice Full Moon

Happy Summer Solstice !   Ah, the many rains and now so many shades of green…..   and very long days.   The gardens are almost planted but the rain and high heat have slowed things down, except for the weeds.   The 300 garlic plants are looking great !   Kayak season starts this weekend and there […]

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