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December Super Moon

The moon was indeed super, closer and brighter, in the sky last night and reflecting off the snow always adds to the magical feeling.  It is transition time, days much shorter and nights a lot colder.  It does take the body time to adjust but I always feel grateful that I welcome winter.   The […]

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November very snowy Full Moon

On Friday Oct 24 , winter “arrived” with a beautiful eight inch snowfall that immediately changed the season.  You could tell the difference in the huskies….  jumping around and playing even more, talking to me, like ‘this is great, let’s go’.  And we did but still with the 4 wheeler as it isn’t enough to take out […]

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October Soggy Full Moon

                               The “PUPS” will be 1  1/2 this month and are still acting like very playful youngsters.  They love their loose run and play time and are all getting along very well, a good sign for when they are in the teams this winter.  They also go on “harness” walks and […]

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September busy Full Moon

During summer one finds themselves saying I can’t wait until the mosquitos are gone, or til it’s not so hot out, or I can be done watering the garden…. and then when all that happens and summer is over, you think, how did that go by so fast.  Funny life.  So it has been a […]

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August “Berry” Full Moon

Full moon morning –  37 degrees Oh aggkaka with strawberry rhubarb sauce, mmm…Fran’s hot cereal with blueberries, a handful of raspberries as we walk to the garden…. oh August !   The huskies are doing well this summer, it has not been too hot and we have gotten rain on a regular basis to keep […]

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July “wolf howling” full moon

                   Kayaking season has started with a fun and energetic group from North Dakota.  Eight friends who know each other through a fitness center joined us this full moon weekend.  It was good weather and paddling and both nights the wolves howled.  You can hear the yips of the youngsters with the beautiful serenade of […]

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June Trillium Full Moon

                                        APPRECIATION                         Appreciation involves the Spirit.                         It takes a keen eye and an open heart                         along with a soul of beauty.                         It […]

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May of many seasons Full Moon

Just 11 days ago, this was the wintery scene here and you can’t really tell but there is a lot of ice under everything.  It rain and froze, sleeted, snowed and was cold.  Now on this May full moon, it is summer, lots of 60’s this week, green grass growing, rhubarb gaining inches each day […]

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April Snow’s Gone Full Moon

I am excited to be having a booth at the Midwest Mountaineering Spring Expo       April 28-30 309 Cedar Ave   Minneapolis, on the West Bank  and all free There will be hundreds of speakers and presentations, informational booths, prizes and beer!  A great time to learn about outdoor opportunities and how-to’s, gear, kayak and canoe swap, sales and […]

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March “Everyones Running” Full Moon

Isn’t Sigurd cute!  and Lynn too….  we have started training the almost one year old Amaroq pups, taking them on sled runs and they have been doing well.  Some have gone alone with the little wooden basket sled including Wing and Osa and Susi and Monk have gone out with four dogs teams on the Raventrail.  […]

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