Sponsor a Husky

Starting in 2007, you can sponsor a Wintermoon husky. All the gifts will go to the Veterinary Fund.

At the $50 level you will receive A MUG WITH THE PICTURE OF THE DOG OF YOUR CHOICE!
Any gift of over $100 will receive a MUG and a chapter of the WINTERMOON BOOK. I will be writing a chapter a year.

Send your gift to and let us know which dog you would like a picture of:
Wintermoon Summersun
3388 Petrell Rd.
Brimson, MN 55602

Lori Gustafson sent us her thoughts on “Dog Sledding Lessons for Life.”

1. Don’t let go…hang on tight. The path will be rough at times, you may slip and lose your way or your footing, hang on, stay the course. It is the only way to make it through the hard times.

2. Tangled up…we are all going to get things tangled up, including ourselves and we need good people to watch us, stop us, and help us out, just as we did with the dogs. We need to let those who are watching us, stop us to help out. They may see a whole lot more than we can at the time.

3. Encourage and know when to keep silent…we all need encouragement just like a team of dogs, to work a bit more, pull a little harder and we all need to remember to keep silent when others have found their rythym. Let those we care for, lead the way in confidence and strength. Words are so powerful and need to be used with intention, including silence.

4. Teamwork…the work is always easier when a group works together. The dogs are such good teachers of this for us. The power they have and the grace when they are all working as one team. So it is for us, when we are all pulling together and working toward the same goal, sharing the load, and moving ahead.

5. Smooth paths…how sweet it is on a dog sled and in life when we are on the smooth paths. That is when we need to enjoy the beauty of the moment and take it all in. Yes, we need to hang on, maybe not as tight, relax a bit, keep looking ahead, and moving along.

6. Hop off the path when there is business to be taken care of, whatever it is and then get right back on and keep moving.

7. Never let go, slow down and break to get things under control. Then get back to rhythm and let go and ride it out.

8. Be present in the moment, keep your eyes open for all of the little things and expect the unexpected!

9. Like the dogs, we need to find what we love to do, our passion and then go for it with all of the gusto we can muster.