Dog Sledding

The Joy of Dog Sledding

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Dog Sledding

Odin and Jude in lead running the Grouse Loop











Kathleen has been teaching and taking people dogsledding for 29 years. It is a great privilege to work with these amazing huskies and share their passion and love for running. It is truly exhilarating to glide through the woods as part of a happy working team. They love people and will welcome you into their pack.


A special part of mushing with us at Wintermoon is “living” with the dogs.  You get to know them and their personalities, help care for them,  really learn about hook ups and driving the sled, feel immersed in the life style of a musher.  Spending time allows you to see their spirits and feel like you have really experienced dogsledding.  You’ll hear their stories, sit with an elder husky on the couch and we’ll talk about the mushing culture.  Kathleen loves sharing stories, from being Race Director, handler and public radio reporter for the Beargrease, to handler and “pee team” collector  at the Start of the Iditarod, to winter camping mushing in the BWCAW, to raising and training huskies for 30 years.  Kathleen and her dogs are all a family, working together at something they love.  And happy to share it.


She will teach you all the basics, how to harness and hook up the dogs, steer the sleds, so that if you like, you can do it yourself.  The more you connect and bond with the dogs, the better the mushing will be.    With Kathleen in the lead and two people to a sled, you’ll experience the immense present-moment joy of the peaceful Northwoods behind a skillful team of 4-6 dogs.   And we should say, besides the fun and exhilaration,  it can be a transformational experience.


There are also opportunities to snowshoe, cross country ski, view our many bird feeders, nap, read, walk an elder husky and we always take a Finnish wood fired sauna.


All adventures are cabin based and include lodging.

Friday noon to Sunday afternoon, 3 x mushing : 

You can sign up for any of these dates as an individual, bring a friend, or if you have a group of 6 (and can include women, men and kids), we will reserve the entire Wintermoon retreat center just for your group.


2017-18 Dogsledding Season


December 30 – January 1

January 5-7    – Women & Girls – 13 & over

January 12-14 – 

February 16-19 President’s w/e – 4 day $750.

March 9-11  might be full, please check first

March 16-18   Full

 Cost is $550. per person

$500. per person for a group of 6 or more

March 23-25   Full   Mother and Daughter   8-15 years old

                       $225. per person    Starts at 5 pm Friday



To register, please send a $100. deposit (made to Kathleen Anderson) with your name, address, phone and email. 

I will send you a packet of information; please indicate if you would like it sent email or regular mail.  An information sheet and the balance are due three weeks before your adventure. .

Accommodations of your adventure

Our setting is the peaceful boreal forest and the lodge is located on a 400 acre Finnish homestead.  You’ll stay in a cozy wood heated log cabin with beds (usually 6-8 people). We have a hand pump for well water, Finnish sauna for relaxing/ bathing after an invigorating  day outdoors.

BunkHer and Guests

BunkHer and Guests

Kathleen Anderson
Wintermoon Summersun
3388 Petrell Rd.
Brimson, MN 55602

View photos of the dogs and past dog sledding trips on Facebook and our Meet the Dogs page.

Here’s some thoughts from others who have been to Wintermoon:

“Friends and family have been asking “what was it like?” and I am truly hard pressed to explain it to them.  Part summer camp, part church retreat, part dude ranch…  I don’t really know.  My answers have primarily been things like “magical”, “transforming”, “blessed.”                 Meg from Florida

“My love of dogs and desire to try dogsledding brought me to Wintermoon for the first time 16 years ago. When I arrived, I found a magical place in the beautiful north woods where a person can relax, forget the worries of the outside world, and challenge herself in a nurturing environment. Kathleen’s warm welcome puts everyone at ease, her love of her dogs is contagious, and the meals are outstanding. I look forward to my winter sojourn at Wintermoon every year–it’s become my annual mental health retreat.”

– Andrea from Colorado, has come dogsledding every year for the last 24 years

“Thank you so much for a wonderful adventure of dogsledding.  It is truly an unforgettable experience.  I enjoyed each day looking forward for feeding, petting, mushing, snowshoeing and the sauna too.  The dogs and the place are truly magical. ”                        – Chit from California

“Thanks again for all the fun I had racing through the woods with your dogs and the warm welcome I received at your place!  It was such a good start of the new year.  Greetings from Germany,  ”    Marlene

I can still hear the dogs howl and the sound of wood crackling in the fire, smell the snow and feel the belly laughs that I enjoy so much even though I am thousands of miles away. I miss Wintermoon and I’m looking forward to our next trip! – Nicole from Germany[/quote]