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Bringing women and nature together in the magical Northwoods

                 WINTERMOON   SUMMERSUN

 An environmentally  friendly  adventure lodge  for  women  featuring  dogsledding  and  sea  kayaking

We have a beautiful and peaceful 400 acre Finnish homestead located 50 miles north of Duluth, Minnesota in the Superior National Forest. 

The rustic setting with hand-hewn log cabins, wood heat, 100% solar power and Finnish sauna is natural and simple.  It is the perfect setting to relax, unplug and rejuvenate.  We’re deep in the Northwoods boreal forest with miles of trails and abundant wildlife and birds.

Kathleen Anderson has spent 40 years living in cooperation with nature, building and rejuvenating a sustainable lodge and has offered women’s outdoor adventures for twenty nine years.  She is an experienced outdoorswoman and accomplished naturalist and delights in sharing her experiences with nature, wildlife and birds.

AND we have full and part time positions for Winter 2017-18.  Join us and experience the joy of working with sled dogs and the satisfaction of living a sustainable life style in the Northwoods.

Dog Sledding

From December to March, we offer instruction in dogsledding with the help of our 35 Alaskan husky sled dogs. They are friendly, exuberant sled dogs who love to run. Their enthusiasm and energy will captivate and inspire as you become part of a working sled dog team. No experience is necessary.  Most adventures are three to four days and you will become part of a musher’s lifestyle.  You’ll meet and get to know the dogs, help care for them, learn the basics and be able to “drive” the sled.  All trips include lodging and instruction. See Trips : Dogsledding for the schedule of dates.

Sea Kayaking

From May to September, we offer instruction in sea kayaking.   We teach the basics of kayaking on calm and quiet inland waters. Advanced kayaking groups, weather permitting, will paddle Lake Superior. No kayaking experience is necessary.  In learning these new skills, our goals are to have fun, create a supportive atmosphere, foster a connection with the natural environment and feel rejuvenated and renewed. We can arrange custom dogsledding or kayak trips for groups of 6 or more, or individuals can sign up for scheduled trips.  All trips include lodging and instruction. See Trips: Kayaking for the schedule of dates.

Retreat Lodge

In the spring and fall our retreat lodge is available for groups to reserve with

        Wintermoon Summersun Lodge

lodging, sauna, trails and other activities included. Great for book groups, women’s weekends, hiking groups, reunions, family gatherings… Wintermoon Summersun Dogsledding & Kayak Adventures is owned and operated by Kathleen Anderson. She has lived in northeastern  Minnesota for over 40 years, creating a magical place for women, huskies, wildlife and nature to come together. Feel free to contact us anytime:

Kathleen Anderson Wintermoon Summersun   3388 Petrell Rd. Brimson, MN 55602 218-848-2442

No words to express how much I enjoyed our experience this past weekend with you, Chris, DJ, Lynn and my new friends (the Wild women) and pups.  I’m in awe of you and your livelihood in the north.  Thank you for all the hard work and energy you put into providing all of us this amazing communion in the wild.    Susan

We all had a marvelous time with you, your crew and of course, your amazing dogs.  Thank you for your teaching, kindness and humor Hope to visit again. –   Anne

Thank you for a wonderful, rich, challenging, beauty-filled weekend.  Thank you for clear and wise teachings about kayaking and sharing your amazing place.  And thanks to all your fabulous dogs!      Catherine 

What a week end!  Not only did I get everything I was expecting and hoping for, but it turned out to be a really wonderful mind, body and spirit week end.  So quite a bit more than I expected.  Thank you to everyone.   Cathy

What a wonderful kayak retreat.  I felt comfortable within minutes of our arrival.  Your home and your lifestyle was an inspiration to me-particularly to stay closer to nature.   It is so obvious how hard you work to make your retreat guests time enjoyable.  Thank you!  My favorite experience was getting to paddle on the lake with the wild rice.  –  Katherine

Thank you so much for the dog sledding adventure and warm hospitality. I feel so grateful to you both for your patience, awareness to detail, good cheer and grace. I had a wonderful time. The melancholic howl of the dogs left behind after the sleds have pulled out of the yard is my most precious auditory memory. I loved hearing it as many dogs stood on their houses mourning they weren’t on that run. I know that’s just my view. Perhaps they’re just saying good luck and have fun.  – Michele

Thank you so much for a wonderful week end. I have wanted to learn how to kayak for a long time and am so thrilled that I now have the skills to do so.  I am looking forward to kayaking more in the future. You run an amazing operation and give so freely of yourself. Your ability to provide such a wonderful warm and welcoming environment is so inspiring. It was the perfect week end, the weather, the stars, kayaking !  – Laura

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing dream come true. I enjoyed my trip and everything and moment about it. Beautiful setting, people, site, dogs, you!  – Mickey

1,000 thanks for the superb, way better than I expected kayaking week end. I want to come back.  – Mary Ellen

The North Country refreshes my soul.  Thanks for sharing with us your way of living in it.  You are such a warm and wholesome spirit who has done what makes you your truest self.  That, as Marianne Williamson says, invites others to do the same!    –   Sherri